Tommy and Jamie Simpson


TJ*Speaks Tavern

TJS is the culmination of an over 40 year dream.  Ever since the age of 13 when Tommy started working as a Bus Boy at the restaurant/bar where his mother was a server/bartender, he had a dream of owning his own someday.  Since that time he has worked in every capacity of the restaurant/bar business.  From Bus Boy to Server to Kitchen Manager to Bartender to Restaurant and Bar Manager he has learned what it takes to run a successful business such as this.

When he met his wife Jamie in 1990, his dream became hers also.  Jamie has been in the Entertainment business since she was a child and knows great sound and entertainment when she hears it.  At the present time she fronts a popular Classic Rock band and has her own entertainment booking business.  Over the last 29 years they have been teammates with one goal in mind, to own their own place someday.  With Tommy's background in the Restaurant/Bar business and Jamie with her background in the Music and Entertainment business, they became a dynamic force helping 3 businesses, owned by others, to grow while learning from each experience.

12+ years ago, when Tommy began working for an established neighborhood bar with a 40 year history in this area, they moved from North Central Phoenix to Youngtown to be nearer to the bar. In that time, they worked tirelessly to make that bar a place where all ages could go to get a good drink at a reasonable price, enjoy good entertainment and bridge the Generation Gap.  Tommy pretty much became the "face" of bar while Jamie stayed mostly in the background, working on her computer at home to keep the patrons informed as to what was going on and coming up with fun ideas for special events.  She also brought live entertainment to the venue for the first time by singing there twice a month.  They quickly became a very important part of the "Family".  At Christmas time they would have a Customer Appreciation Holiday Party at their home as a way to thank the patrons for their support.  If someone had no family to be with on Christmas Day, they invited them to share dinner with them and their family.

Giving back to the community is important to them also. For the last 10 years, Jamie has had a yearly charity event at the bar to raise money and collect gifts for the Christmas Angel Program.  All proceeds are donated to the program which provides needy children and families in the Phoenix area with gifts for Christmas.  The first year she raised $500.  Last year the total was close to $4000!  She raises the money and collects the gifts by singing for

6 hours while patrons donate.

They were so successful at building the business, that 3 years ago the bar had to find a larger location to accommodate the growing number of customers. Even though the new location was more modern in style than the old one, they did all they could to make sure the new place would still feel like a home away from home for mainly the senior customers who had been part of "The Family" for many years.  They continued to offer a safe place for people to go to and enjoy time with and make new friends.  Jamie brought in new fresh entertainment by hiring some of the top bands from outside the area.  The customers loved it!


After seemingly climbing mountain after mountain only to be knocked down but never giving up on the their dream, they have finally reached the peak. With continued hard work and the support of the community, they hope to stay there.


There is a line from the movie "Field of Dreams"...

"If you build it, they will come." 

TJ*Speaks is their field of dreams and they hope you will come.


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